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Alaine Diamond Necklace (mostly white)Alaine Diamond Necklace (mostly white)
Ame EarringAme Earring
Ame Earring Sale price$390.00
Ame NecklaceAme Necklace
Ame Necklace Sale price$590.00
Amici RingAmici Ring
Amici Ring Sale priceFrom $490.00
Amir RingAmir Ring
Amir Ring Sale price$1,750.00
Arco RingArco Ring
Arco Ring Sale price$550.00
Bardot RingBardot Ring
Bardot Ring Sale price$1,550.00
Chunky Braided HoopsChunky Braided Hoops
Chunky Braided Hoops Sale price$1,800.00
Classic Hinge HoopClassic Hinge Hoop
Classic Hinge Hoop Sale price$690.00
Classic Hinge Hoops & Diamond Charms
Cleo HoopCleo Hoop
Cleo Hoop Sale price$2,990.00
Cosmos PendantCosmos Pendant
Cosmos Pendant Sale price$1,650.00
Domo RingDomo Ring
Domo Ring Sale price$750.00
Grano Ear CuffGrano Ear Cuff
Grano Ear Cuff Sale priceFrom $620.00
Grano Link EarringGrano Link Earring
Grano Link Earring Sale price$1,500.00
Halo Buddah PendantHalo Buddah Pendant
Halo Buddah Pendant Sale price$1,590.00
Heart and Pearl Drop EarringHeart and Pearl Drop Earring
Heart HuggiesHeart Huggies
Heart Huggies Sale price$1,420.00
Helios EarringHelios Earring
Helios Earring Sale price$1,490.00
Isla BraceletIsla Bracelet
Isla Bracelet Sale priceFrom $2,990.00
Isla NecklaceIsla Necklace
Isla Necklace Sale price$7,990.00
Matilda HoopMatilda Hoop
Matilda Hoop Sale price$1,800.00
Maxi Perla EarringMaxi Perla Earring
Maxi Perla Earring Sale price$2,950.00
Medium Heart Studs
Medium Heart Studs Sale price$360.00
Medium Pavé Heart StudsMedium Pavé Heart Studs
Medium Pavé Heart Studs Sale price$1,080.00
Milano Earring HornMilano Earring Horn
Milano Earring Horn Sale price$2,900.00
Milano Earring Mother of Pearl
Milano Earring Mother of Pearl Sale price$2,900.00
Mini Heart Necklace
Mini Heart Necklace Sale price$450.00
Mini heart studsMini heart studs
Mini heart studs Sale price$350.00
Mini Matilda HoopsMini Matilda Hoops
Mini Matilda Hoops Sale price$1,520.00
Mini Milano EarringMini Milano Earring
Mini Milano Earring Sale price$1,100.00
Mini Pavé Heart StudsMini Pavé Heart Studs
Mini Pavé Heart Studs Sale price$1,030.00
Mini Pearl StudsMini Pearl Studs
Mini Pearl Studs Sale price$220.00
Mini Vision BandMini Vision Band
Mini Vision Band Sale price$890.00
Modern Vision BandModern Vision Band
Modern Vision Band Sale price$1,650.00
Mon Pilar ChainMon Pilar Chain
Mon Pilar Chain Sale priceFrom $12,300.00
Olivia BraceletOlivia Bracelet
Olivia Bracelet Sale priceFrom $635.00
Olivia NecklaceOlivia Necklace
Olivia Necklace Sale priceFrom $1,635.00
Orbis Hoop S/M/LOrbis Hoop S/M/L
Orbis Hoop S/M/L Sale priceFrom $600.00
Pavé Heart StudsPavé Heart Studs
Pavé Heart Studs Sale price$1,270.00
Penelope BraceletPenelope Bracelet
Penelope Bracelet Sale price$1,800.00
Penelope Ear CuffPenelope Ear Cuff
Penelope Ear Cuff Sale price$370.00
Pompeii RingPompeii Ring
Pompeii Ring Sale price$850.00
Reina RingReina Ring
Reina Ring Sale priceFrom $1,360.00
Roma NecklaceRoma Necklace
Roma Necklace Sale price$3,490.00
Scalloped Band
Scalloped Band Sale price$750.00
Sole BraceletSole Bracelet
Sole Bracelet Sale priceFrom $1,100.00
Solid Huggie HoopsSolid Huggie Hoops
Solid Huggie Hoops Sale price$1,200.00